Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sex is as Delicious as Chocolates

You do not eat chocolate daily. Likewise, you do not go for carnal pleasure in a routine. There are days when your libido is at its best. You kindle aroma candles; buy tasteful condoms; order sumptuous food so that your partner won’t burn extra calories in the kitchen instead save them for foreplay.

Above mentioned ways are sufficient to entice your partner, but until or unless couples have same wavelength, magic would be missing. One enjoys better sex when the stress level is almost zero or below average. Before taking your partner in bed, master your thoughts. If you think about pending work while having sex, then it is better to yawn amid office files.

Sex revitalizes the senses; sometimes work station stress takes toll on    your health, in such situations sex proves good stress buster. Touching your partner’s lips, sweet smooch, caressing her body or having desert with the same spoon brings two souls closer. 

After a sumptuous meal your wife or partner needs good sex; but she does not want to end the game of love with raw sex.  A bit of teasing; playing with her ears; sucking her boobs; and running your tongue over clitoris invokes her.

There isn’t iota of doubt sex is as delicious as chocolate, so savor it, enjoy it. And if you find road blocks in this pleasant journey, solve them through counseling.  MX STAMINA CAPSULES also help if your penis does not dance on your tune; or premature ejaculation spoils the game of love.

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