Thursday, 6 October 2016

Khajuraho Sculptures are a Lot More Than an Art

Go back in time, when women were covered from head to toe. They were not allowed to manifest their opinion. Male members of the family would make the rules. Women would share her deepest instincts with her husband only. 

After rigorous duty daughter –in-laws would wait for their husbands, who were never straight forward. They would wink at them and invite their mate behind the courtyard or tease them in their bedroom. Love wasn’t less wild in earlier days.  Men undress to woo her mate. 

Touching boobs, biting the skin, penetrating penis would invoke inexplicable pleasure. She wants more fun and male member could not say no to her demand. He would leave no stone unturned to appease her. 

Myriad erotic postures flame her desire and once she is satisfied, next morning she again she takes the rein of the kitchen in her hand.

Khajraho painting describes wild passion, hot chemistry between man and woman.  This chemistry is still there only the presentation has changed.  

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