Monday, 28 November 2016

How to Increase Testosterone in Male Body

There are a lot of ways to naturally ensure your body is in the maximal state to produce its own testosterone.  Many of our daily actions can lower our natural production of this powerful anabolic hormone like not sleeping, drinking, eating junk food, and being lazy.  Just a few of the benefits of higher testosterone include: lower cholesterol, increased strength, faster recovery, increased sex drive, decreased body fat, increased red blood cell production, and increased muscle growth.
Rishi Healthcare has natural supplements that help to increase testosterone around for many years, but people are still skeptical about the existence of long- term side effects. And in some circumstances, such as those who have a history of prostate cancer was warned not to consume the supplement. The good news, there are a natural and safe ways to increase testosterone levels, which are as follows:
1)              Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night
2)              Avoid alcohol
3)              High intensity work outs
4)              Eat good fats
5)              Lift heavy
6)              Do compound exercises 
7)              Eat smaller more frequent meals
8)              Lower your soy consumption
9)              Drink a shake after weights.
10)        Increase your zinc intake.
If you commit to following these suggestions you will ensure your body is primed to produce the highest natural levels of testosterone possible, and you'll enjoy the other benefits of these healthy tips as well.  Don't forget to follow MX Stamina blog, and help us spread the word by making recommendations on social media.
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